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Welcome to Keller Embroidery, the embroidery shop known for quality work, affordable prices, and great customer service! Our custom embroidery, screen printing, and heat applied graphic services can help make your next project look it’s best. Besides offering great services at low prices, we pride ourselves on being family owned and operated. How did this family business get started? Read about our printing and embroidery journey below:

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Our Embroidery Shop Beginnings:

As a career change in 2007, I started a printing company in Watauga on Rufe Snow. After serving as Executive Pastor for 10 years, I had no idea what I was doing and lacked any experience in the field. My wife and I wanted to home school our 4 children and doing that on a ministerial salary was next to impossible. You don’t exactly work on commission. So we used our retirement, launched our business, and hoped it worked out.

We bought a home in the Keller area, faux Keller to be exact, in 2010. We have been writing the story of our life here. I relocated our store down Rufe Snow to be in Keller. This is the place we want to be. We love raising our children here and are very grateful to this community for supporting us. Walking into businesses in Keller where Daddy always knows someone is priceless.

In the summer of 2015, we expanded our footprint and opened our Keller Embroidery Shop. Again, another new experience where we had to learn quickly about embroidery, screen printing and heat applied graphics. We have been blessed to spend more time with our kids and have loyal customers that keep coming back for more.

Our interests are our children, which translates into:

– Boys: Soccer, Soccer, and Soccer

– Girls: Volleyball, Swimming, and Shoes.

We may not have always dreamed of owning an embroidery shop, but we love what we do! We have fantastic customers and the creative projects we get to work on. Plus the kids love that Dad can take care of getting their team uniforms made!

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