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The word digitizing simply means using a graphic image and then recreating it using stitches.  While there are computer programs that can automate significant parts of this process, it still requires expertise to know which stitches to use.  Our designers will use one type of stitch to fill in a large area, and then something completely different if we’re going to sew out small letters.  

Category: Embroidery

Usually Not.  Once we’ve digitized your logo, then we can use that same file in the future.  We can easily swap out different colors of thread without having to modify the file.  However, if you need to create a much larger version for some reason, then a new digitized file may be required.  The stitches you would use on left-chest of a polo shirt would be much different than those sewed out at three times the size on the back of a jacket.  

Category: Embroidery

This is what we call backing” and helps to stiffen the area we’re sewing into.  We use different types of embroidery backing depending on the type of fabric.  Sometimes we can use tearaway backing, which means that we’ll remove the excess pieces when we’re done.  Other times, we’ll need to use multiple pieces so that the design will continue to lay flat.   This is especially true on the dry-fit fabrics that are very popular in the heat of North Texas.  The fabric should soften over time, and you’ll likely not notice it.  if you have a particular sensitivity, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do to accomodate you.  

Category: Embroidery

YES!  We prefer to have you review a proof prior to sewing out the entire job.  We have to consider the required turnaround time for when you need it, but we prefer to have you review a proof before we sew your logo or design on any garments.  A logo recreated in stitches will often appear differently than it does on the screen or with ink and paper, so seeing what it looks like on fabric is important.  

Category: Embroidery

We prefer to sell apparel, as this allows us a consistent type of product and quality to offer out clients.  We have a variety of apparel choices from the brands you know, and some other brands that are widely used in company apparel programs.  When you buy the apparel from us, then we’re able to quickly resolve any machine problems that may occur.  

Category: Embroidery

Every embroidery design has a certain number of stitches it requires to be complete.  Some designs are relatively small, and others require many thousands of stitches.  It boils down to how many pieces we can complete during our normal work day.  The more stitches a design requires, means fewer pieces that can be completed, therefore they are subject to a higher fee.  A simple design for a left-chest logo can be about 5,000 stitches where a design for a jacket back may require 40,000 stitches!  

Category: Embroidery

Yes.  We are able to buy larger quantities of apparel from our supplies at lower prices, therefore we’re able to pass these savings on to our clients.  Similarly, the more pieces we embroider with the same design allow us to achieve some efficiencies over time that translate into lower costs for you.  

Category: Embroidery
We hope this section can provide some insite to questions you may have about screen printing, embroidery and heat applied graphics, their cost and which method is best to use for your application.

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