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Vector art is the type of file that’s used when printing business cards, letterhead, automotive graphics, etc.  This is the type of artwork we need for screen printing as we’ll generally need to print with multiple colors, and each color requires a separate screen for printing.  When we have vector art, it’s an easy process to split the different colors, and simplify the number of colors used if required.  If you don’t have access to the vector art, we can have it recreated for you.  

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The basic answer is screen printing is done with ink, and most other graphics are typically vinyl.  It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, and how many pieces you’re printing.  If you have a simple design, and only want to create a handful of them, then it’s generally more economical to use vinyl.  However, if you need to produce 250 tshirts for an event, then screen printing usually makes more sense.  

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This is the cost required to create the templates we use to print the design on your shirts.  We need to create a separate screen for each color, and if we do a design with a 4-color process, then that’s a separate scenario.  The process of creating the screens takes the same amount of time whether we’re producing 12 shirts, or 1200 shirts, so we need to account for this cost in our quotes. Once an order reaching a substantial quantity, we’re often able to waive these costs, but it depends on the overall parameter of the job.  

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Yes.  Anytime you have something on a shirt, it’s best to wash it in cold water, and turn the garment inside-out.  If possible, hang them to dry or dry on low heat if you must.  This will extend the life of the graphic whether it was printed with ink or applied vinyl. 

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While it looks like the rhinestones are applied one at a time, they’re actually placed by a computer program, and then applied to your garment on a heat press.  The rhinestones are placed on a transfer paper, and each stone has enough adhesive that is activated when we use the heat press.  These will stay in place through many washes as long as you follow the recommendations listed above.

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We hope this section can provide some insite to questions you may have about screen printing, embroidery and heat applied graphics, their cost and which method is best to use for your application.

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