Branded apparel & promotional merchandise for your business

Create the perfect promotional merchandise for your business, and then make it simple for your employees and coworkers to purchase! Learn more about how Keller Embroidery & Printing can make the ordering process easy while delivering high-quality products.

At Keller Embroidery & Printing, we are known for quality work, affordable prices, and great customer service! Our goal is to make every part of the ordering process as easy as possible for our customers, and we take pride in offering innovative print solutions for all types of businesses.

Superior Color Matching – Spot Color Guarantee – Digital Color Match


Our friendly, creative team’s goal is to take your ideas and transform them into artful reality. Our Team can work with your professional designs or can take an idea and help put it to work.


Keller Print and Embroidery can make sure your brand shines the brightest with our Spot Color Guarantee! Our print facility uses digital heat seal technology to make sure every printed color is the correct shade. Our innovative printing technique uses precise heat and pressure to produce a superior digital color match.


  • Let Keller Print & Embroidery do the work for you! With a small start-up fee we create a custom branded online store for easy coworker or employee ordering.
  • We provide print-on-demand services with no order minimums for all our online stores! This means no more boxes of last years T-shirts taking up space in the corporate office, because you won’t have to keep up with inventory.
  • Our team prints every order and ships directly to the employee, giving your staff more time to focus on getting work done.


We have an unwavering commitment to producing quality, comfortable and long-lasting products. This starts with providing a large selection of customizable apparel, including polo shirts, fleece, caps, bags, and more.


With our superior digital color matching technology we make sure your brand looks perfect!