Keller Custom Color Prints™

Keller Custom Color Prints™

Our new printing solution at Keller Embroidery is a great option for people looking for a full-color solution that will work on a variety of fabrics and colors.  Our new Keller Custom Color Prints™ are extremely durable and colorfast.  We’ve tested several prints with 100 washes and see no signs of fading, cracking or peeling.  While a simple, one-color screen print might be suitable for the charity fun run on Saturday, how do you want your employees to represent you while they’re on the job?  These prints work great on cotton, polyster, t-shirts, polos, soft shell jackets, just about anything!

At Keller Embroidery, we know that the ultra-creative person in your marketing department wants the flexibility to put your logo on hats, bags, masks and more.  This new printing solution allows us to print on nearly anything, so if you have a crazy idea, let’s hear it!

And how about that fun run on Saturday?  What if you wanted to step it up and get the moisture-wicking, form-fitting tees for the semi-pro runners in the group?  These new Keller Custom Color Prints™ are just what you need as they adhere great to the latest poly fabrics, and remain vibrant and stretchy wash after wash.

Consider the key benefits below:

Printing Options

Our primary solution is a great match for nearly every fabric out there featuring a stretchy, colorfast solution that will hold up wash after wash.

Our Prints with Backing are a great solution for sublimated, dye migrate,s or have heavy patterns that typically have difficulty taking a print when heat is introduced.

Our special Soft Shell Solution utilizes a bleed resistant blocking technology, that produces a vibrant result that will stretch and move with the garment, and includes a dye inhibiting feature that maintains the color of the fabric while allowing your design to show through.

Our unique headwear solutions allow you to utilize photo-realistic images with unlimited gradients and small free-floating details that neither embroidery nor screen print can do. More incredibly the special headwear formula allows these transfers to bridge the seam of a cap without cracking!

Our mask transfers are intended for masks with limited use and will typically last about 20 washes.  We have two sizes available depending on how you want to use them, and they have a soft feel that works well with the fabrics typically used for masks.

This is a unique formulation and allows printing on a variety of products at a lower temperature.  These aren’t meant to be laundered and can be applied with a heat press or compressed air heat press to allow you to print on suitcases, tents, or sunbrellas.